When you think of the best directors in the Japanese animation landscape, it's impossible not to include Mamoru Oshii. In fact, it is enough to remember his main work, the adaptation of Ghost in the shellto highlight the author's contribution to the science fiction genre, particularly cyberpunk.

In composing his works, Oshii experienced the artistic influence of various films, even separated from the world of animation. With that in mind, Twitter user Otaku Calendar JP shared a list of the author's best features, including titles like Guardians, no land for old men, The hyenas, let me in and other masterpieces of similar artistic caliber.

The Ghost in the Shell franchise recently got a makeover with a new CGI series produced by Netflix. The work has shown its side on several critical issues, and in general the reception from fans has not been exceptional; Even so, the streaming giant decided to extend it for a second season.

The criticism focused mainly on the technical area, judged insufficient due to unrealistic computer graphics and not very virtuous management of the animations, accused of giving the characters poor expressiveness.

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