The universe of Fullmetal alchemistHiromu Arakawa's outstanding work from 2001 differs mainly from ours for the presence of alchemy, a science that enables some people to use the energy of the earth's crust to change matter. But how exactly does this extraordinary power work? So that we understand each other.

Alchemists can channel energy to modify, destroy or reassemble a particular object, or even to manipulate certain chemical elements. This process is carried out through a process called "transmutation".. Transmutation is divided into three main phases: understanding the structure of matter, decomposition, and recomposition.

In order to carry out the transmutation and thereby manipulate an object and define yourself as an alchemist, it is first necessary to know the procedure completely, and secondly thatin the presence of the alchemical circle, probably the most confusing symbol of them all.

What is an alchemical circle? How does it work and why is it so important? The answer is soon said. The alchemical circle is necessary to channel the energy of the earth's crust, and its shape is far from random. A circle represents the perfect and uninterrupted movement of energy and matter: An infinite loop that enables the elements to spin on themselves without ever changing, similar to the cycle of life, for example. A triangle, on the other hand, could indicate that the highest point is also the most important, or a trapezoid that the bottom is longer and less important than the top.

The alchemical circle must be perfectly drawn and can be depicted either on a surface (e.g. with chalk on the floor) or on a glove or hand. Some runes need to be pulled inwards depending on the type of power you want to control.

In the world of Arakawa Every alchemist must use the alchemical circle to perform a transmutationunless this has a higher understanding than the common man. To acquire this ability, you will need to go through the Portal of Truth, a place where knowledge can be acquired once a trade is made. This is the case of the protagonist Edward Elric, who (involuntarily) gives up a link in the first chapters of the story will be able to use alchemy without drawing an alchemical circle.

Is everything clear now? Let us know with a comment! In case you're interested in learning more curiosities about Arakawa's work, we recommend checking out the recent revelations about Colonel Mustang and the character of the work that fans can't hate.

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