After announcing a long hiatus from the series Blue exorcist The fans' attention is focused on the new work of the manga artist Kazue Kato, who has dedicated himself to the adaptation of the horror novel Eizen karukaya kaitan. The miniseries will debut on the pages of the Shueisha-edited Jump Square magazine on September 3, 2021.

The decision to interrupt a now more than ten-year-old series with 27 volumes in the back in order to dedicate oneself to a completely different work on the basis of already existing material could well prove to be interesting for the future of Rin Okumura's adventure. The story of Eizen Karukaya Kaitan was found by many to be deeply disturbing and unsettling, shaped by paranormal elements that fit perfectly with Kato's narrative style.

The story is set by a young woman named Shokowho inherits a small shop from her aunt. He spends a lot of time there and discovers that the place is haunted by evil and dangerous spirits. In a spooky, heartbreaking adventure, Shoko battles for her own life as she uncover the truth behind these mysterious creatures.

Divided into 6 chapters the miniseries signed by Kazue Kato was featured in a first picture shared by @MangaMoguraRE in the post reported at the bottom of the page. What do you expect from such an adjustment? Tell us yours in the comment section.

We remember it Blue Exorcist will be on hold until April 2022, and we leave the sketches of famous mangaka for the 10 years of the series.

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