That is much Shinigami rarely die in the world of bleachas confirmed during the various sagas of Tite Kubo. But during the most exciting stages there were major deaths, with the departure of some of the strongest and most beloved captains, especially during the final saga of the Millennial War.

Three were killed because of Yhwach and his army: Genryusai Yamamoto, Unohana Retsu and Ukitake Jushiro. These deaths have returned to affect the world of Bleach in unexpected ways, with the new special chapter prepared by Tite Kubo to celebrate the manga’s twentieth anniversary.

12 years after the death of a captain, it is necessary to perform a ceremony in which a cave is preserved and sacrificed in front of the deceased’s grave. The why is only revealed at the end of the chapter, when Shunsui Kyoraku tells of a certain legend which has been handed down but has been ignored by many as a captain rarely dies.

If death for a normal Shinigami involves the inclusion of his reiatsu in soul society, things are very different for a captain. Indeed, becoming a captain means having a much stronger and denser reiatsu that cannot be absorbed by the realm of spirits. The ritual is therefore essential to send the dead captain’s reiatsu to hell.

It is therefore likely that some gods are hiding behind the portal most fearsome warrior in the Bleach universe. What will Ichigo and his companions expect in the next saga?

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