While news of its broadcast outside Japan's borders is still awaited, theAnime by EDENS ZERO has already made its debut in Japan. After a first handful of episodes useful for introducing and intertwining the story of the two protagonists, the new episode has finally begun its space travel.

The sixth episode of the animated series EDENS ZERO scored a important turning point for the narrative with the introduction of the infamous space pirate Elsie Crimson, to whom Hiro Mashima recently dedicated a new sketch.

This character, who is physically similar to Elsa Scarlett from Fairy Tail, will spark a series of new events and conflicts. In fact, more ds will appear in the animated series soonand new protagonists, Preview from EDENS ZERO's official Twitter profile.

While seventh episode, which airs May 22, will debut Justice, voiced by Daisuke Namikawa, former voice actor for Jellal in Fairy Tail, and Witch, voiced by Kiyono Yasuno, who voices Nejire Hado on My Hero Academia.

In addition to information about Voice actor and character designThe first details on these two protagonists have also been revealed. Justice is a member of the Star System Federation Army while Witch is a member of the 4 Bright Stars.

Although a release date has not yet been confirmed, the 25 episodes of the EDENS ZERO anime will appear on Netflix during the fall season.

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