The Promised Neverland is back with a surprising second season and an avalanche of differences from the original. The trend doesn't seem to stop with episode 4 since The official preview, shared moments ago, anticipates other important changes to the story.

By keeping the spoilers to a minimum, The teaser trailer awaits the return of Isabella, shown behind bars after the events of Grace Field. The scene in question is present in the manga, but with a flashback it is revealed at a very advanced stage in the story, a dozen chapters from the conclusion. At the moment, albeit with many changes, the anime has transposed about 60 of 181 chapters while The scene shown in the preview is from Chapter 165.

Last December, writer Kaiu Shirai announced that the anime The Promised Neverland would include unreleased scenes, and today we can confidently say the changes are far from superficial. It's really difficult to explain another leap of about 100 chaptersHowever, it is possible that the writer could work with the CloverWorks team to create an original ending, as the latest story arc is considered to be the weakest in the manga.

In all cases, the series managed to grab the attention of fans, and who knows, the variations won't lead to anything positive. We remind you that the fourth episode will be available on VVVVID from January 29th from 6:00 p.m. in Italy.

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