In the last few hours A controversy of colossal proportions has sparked in South Korea Aim at Gege Akutami's manga without warning Jujutsu Kaisen. The work has seen a significant increase in sales lately and in connection with its distribution in South Korea, many readers have noted "insult to their country".

Below, you can take a look at a user's Reddit post that explains the dynamics of events in detail. The root of the problem - as reported by the fan - seems to be the name of Mei Mei's accursed technique (Character not yet appeared in the anime), called Bird strike.

The kanji used to write the name of the skill can be read as "kamikaze" in Japanese. A practice that brings back bad memories among the residents of South Korea. In fact, many Koreans were forced to join Japanese kamikaze squadrons during World War II and thousands of people were killed. The connection between the name of the technique and the historical event is not exactly clear, however at the moment In South Korea, the word "kamikaze" is a trending topic with tens of thousands of commentsand most of them are insults to the author Gege Akutami, who is referred to by users as a "Japanese imperialist".

So a second problem concerns a table that appeared in the first chapter of the manga, in which apparently the Flag of the rising sun. For the uninitiated, the symbol in question is often associated with Nazism, militarism, and Japanese imperialism.

The comments range from insults and threats, and you can read some of them in the attached post below. ""I am deleting all of my positive tweets on Jujutsu Kaisen", writes a user,"I'm angry right now. There The kamikaze technique shows that a country that has committed war crimes feels no grudges and does not think about its actionsbut idolizes the imperialism that led to a war in the Pacific. I am black with angerThe manga is bombarded with negative reviews and at the moment the average rating is one out of five stars.

Both the East and the West always have no tolerance for such symbolism. For example, you will remember that Demon Slayer was criticized in 2019 for references to Nazism and that it is now up to MAPPA and Gege Akutami to decide whether or not to take action.

Jujutsu Kaisen gets hatred in Korea. by r / anime

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