The following review of Kaguya-sama: Love War - Chapter 8 Contains spoiler, if you already saw the chapter please read on, otherwise you can see it on any of the platforms and return. Warning, this series will be the living demonstration that the ego can do more, but if there is love, perhaps it can win.

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"... What you don't understand is that the people you're taking action with also feel."

True love arrives in such a way and without warning, that emotion can provoke a cardiac arrhythmia called "Mal de amores" ... Don't you believe me? Ask Kaguya.


The Student Council has resumed its work and its members persist in their positions, Presidency, Vice Presidency, Treasurer, Secretary and now the recently added to the group, Lino Miko as Financial Auditor. The sweet little girl who, under her strict and moralistic gaze, has classified that Student Council as one of little example and conduct that does not respect the regulations of the Shuchiin Academy. Well, the Treasurer is everything that represents breaking the rules, the President seems like someone who harasses the girls, the Secretary Chika Fujiwara is the one who seems to "maintain a dignified conduct" according to Lino (even being permissive with her). While Kaguya Shinomiya is accused by Lino of not respecting the time and space for the demonstration of mutual affection between her and Miyuki Shirogane "No matter how much they like each other."

The small Financial Auditor and active member of the Disciplinary Committee, threatens to take action if that Council does not begin to have the exemplary activities that should characterize them. But Lino is not as perfect as she thinks, the girl has a bad mood problem, has no filter and manages to grab a large number of enemies for her cold accusations and comments. As well as that advice given by YΕ« Ishigami "... What you don't understand is that the people you are taking action with also feel" ... But she just turns cold and cruelly silence the young Treasurer. Everything changes until Fujiwara endorses the idea of ​​Ishigami and only then Lino understands the situation.

A new challenge is launched and this idea comes from nothing more than the game drive Fujiwara, who has proposed to Lino not to get angry for an hour no matter what he sees, thus giving Ishigami permission to do whatever he wants, the point is ... that he already did what he wanted from the beginning. Since this exercise is not on the right track, Fujiwara proposes to Lino that she break a rule that is not so sinful, how to use the cell phone apart from what is β€œallowed” to use it for fun. In this case it will be taking photos, adding effects and publishing them on instagram.

Everything goes well with those tender photos of Lino, when Fujiwara decides to add Kaguya and ask both girls to make their weirdest faces for photos, the problem here is that Lino and Kaguya are unaware of that term and when it is explained to them by the Secretary , both try to make their faces. Leaving Kaguya as the winner and without hesitation, who by showing it to the president and has Ishigami, both end up terrified and the latter disgusting that faction. In the end Kaguya proposes to obtain funny photos of the boys from the council, they agree (well, how to say no), the Vice President gets the photos that are both cute from both boys and she ends up earning more than she expected.

"Today's results ... Fujiwara wins (Miko's authoritative voice power has dropped 5 points)."


That President and his Vice President, in the midst of their inspection of sporting goods for the sports festival, have gone to give the wrong place at the right time? Or to the right place at the wrong time? In the same way, we are going to call it "The incident in the sports equipment warehouse!" A twist of fate has put our President and Vice President in trouble, as both are cornered and locked inside a room without escape, with a single exit and in their minds rambles the idea that one of them made the movement of " Suspension bridge effect ”. A strategy that combines the anxiety of a crisis mixed with the emotion of being in love.

The predicament in this situation is that both believe that the confinement was planned by the other, but the truth is that they really are in a bind, since a branch of jam at the door preventing it from sliding to open. In the same way, that team of two lovers try to continue the game, but everything changes when each head imagines the movement that the other expects through the lockdown plan. A simple stumble and Kaguya falls on the old mats from the academy and Shirogane on top of her ... The unexpected kisses not only happen in fairy tales and even when she is already prepared to receive it, Shirogane questions him, so that his delay hurts him and both are detained by the savior Lino Miko ... Who without hesitation calls him trash, Kaguya runs scared and he remains as the worst because of a small branch.

"Today's results ... Both lose by a narrow margin."


So many strong emotions can have their consequences and believe it or not, Kaguya has been taken to the hospital for apparently having a cardiac arrhythmia, which she may have inherited from her mother. But that does not end there, because Dr. Tanuma Shozo is curious to know how his patient is, because his memories of her are of a cold young woman with deep eyes. But that girl from a few years ago has changed, like her health and her prognoses, like the one the doctor just dictated "I think you are suffering from love sickness." That conclusion was not given lightly by the best cardiac surgeon in Japan, but was the detailed analysis of everything he has seen, detected and heard.

Kaguya is in perfect health with a beautiful and healthy heart, the only drawback in all this is the lack of insight of the young woman who without noticing, has loaded a lot of stress and emotions for being close to who she loves and more now that their friction or physical contacts are more frequent. The diagnosis persists in this and even more after carrying out expensive studies in Kaguya ... She is simply in love with "a good match", the President of the Student Council. She will be able to stay safe and sound as long as she learns to manage her reactions and emotions when being around Shirogane, the problem is that the boy every time omits limits and distances, erasing the idea that Kaguya is untouchable ... they have crossed barriers.

"Today's results ... Hayasaka loses."


What to say about such a beautiful Chapter! I think we all jump with excitement with the second bow, but I would like to go in order and talk about the first bow, the one where everything became strange, complicated, Japanese school cliche and profitable for Fujiwara and Kaguya, because both girls got what they wanted, Tender photos of your favorites! What kills me and you already know it, is that our iconic character called YΕ« Ishigami is always ready to give grace and meaning to each episode. What more to ask than that boy who with his depth can make us think about life. In short, this arc only shows that our advice remains the same, each in his role and simply more and more of them in all their personality. Now let's hope that Lino Miko is an addition that will give more grace to each space in the series.

Now let's talk about this beautiful bow. This nice section! Kaguya and Shirogane's almost kiss. Ahhhh! We were shortly after seeing the first kiss! I don't know what to say to them other than to keep the faith, because this goes like a tape measure in reverse. We will soon see one of the most awaited kisses for all Otakus and the truth is that it will be a delight. I loved how they handled the situation and was surprised to see how Kaguya opened up to such a possibility, I think she is growing and maturing a little more. Or so we believed until we see the last arc of this chapter.

The shame Hayasaka Ai felt is the same that we all suffer when seeing Kaguya's innocence and how much that what could pass for tender ends up looking ignorant and painful ... But it is still tender, because the girl still retains that part that many have already lost. Still it is incredible the amount of reactions that she can receive in her small body, because so many emotions caused by a single person is to be admired. The President has his charm and she finds everything wonderful in him that no one else can see. Let's hope that his surprise attacks are not very recurrent, because with the approach our characters are taking, I am really concerned about Kaguya's health and the emotional stability of Shirogane and the Student Council.

Β© θ΅€ 坂 γ‚’ γ‚« / 集 θ‹± η€Ύ ・ か ぐ γ‚„ 様 は ε‘Š ら せ た い 製作 ε§”ε“‘δΌš

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