While the animated series by Boruto: Naruto the next generations On the way through the narrative arc dedicated to Kawaki, the leaf village is exposed to a very dangerous threat. The Kara organization, led by Leader Jigen, is in action and does not intend to stop for any reason.

After Deepa and Victor, another farmer from the Kara organization was added to the list of losers. We are talking about the terrifying and powerful Delta that the Hokage himself defeated in battle. For an opponent who leaves, a new antagonist makes his way to the scene.

While Naruto was studying Delta, viewers discovered this during episode 199 of Boruto another Kara Intern it is moving. Boro approaches a village ravaged by a mysterious disease and appears to the residents as a savior who can heal them. But the antagonist is anything but a holy man; What is the real goal?

At the moment Boro appears as one of the Kara's most mysterious members. Boro escaped the controls of Amado, who was looking for the group's traitor, and appears to be embroiled in a very personal mission that is completely outside of the objectives pursued by Jigen.

Will he be the next opponent of the Blattdorf after Delta’s defeat? Here is a preview of Boruto 200.

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