The Hakusensha publishing house has issued a statement during these hours, against which it warns its readers Death of Kentaro Miura, a well-known mangaka from Berserk.

There Hakusensha reported that Kentaro Miura died of an aortic dissection on May 6, 2021 at 2:28 p.m. Japanese time at the age of 54. His family held a private memorial service.

Kentaro Miura's influence and legacy on the Western art scene is simply unmatched, and the entire world of entertainment (from animation to film to literature) mourns Sensei.

Born on July 11, 1966 in Chiba Prefecture, east of Tokyo. Kentaro Miura was one of the most famous mangaka in the world. In 1985 he made his Futatabi manga debut in Weekly Shonen Magazine, Kodanshas Shonen Magazine. He then moved to Hakusensha Verlag, where he found his greatest fortune. In 1988 he started the pilot chapter of Berserk in Monthly Comicomi magazine, and that success enabled him to get the Berserker manga published in Monthly Animal House, also by the same publisher, which was then transferred to Young Animal.

The story of Berserk, the master's most famous and influential work, focuses on Gatsu's revenge and the desire for revenge on Griffith and the dark tones. During the release of Berserk, he found space for other projects such as Gigantomakhia and Duranki.

Unfortunately, Kentaro Miura fans will be orphaned from an end in terms of both his Opus Magna and recent works, as well as a legendary artist.

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