Keeping Hiro Mashima from activity is a mission that borders on the impossible. Although I'm busy serializing EDENS ZERO and with the sequel to Fairy Tail, the Japanese mangaka inspires its fans week after week with unpublished works of art of unparalleled beauty.

After the EDENS ZERO sketch, which shows the protagonist Rebecca in an evening dress, Hiro Mashima created a new one Illustration dedicated to Elsie Crimson, which officially made its debut in the animated series.

Elsie first appeared in the sixth episode of the anime, which has aired in Japan in the past few weeks, and is aesthetically very similar to Elsa Scarlett of Fairy Tail. In fact, to distinguish them is mainly the blindfold that covers the right eye of the protagonist of EDENS ZERO. Its introduction broadened the cast of the series and expanded thatAdventures of Shiki and Rebecca, struggle with their space travel.

Outside of Japan, the 25 episodes of EDENS ZERO will be officially released streamed by Netflix, which is slated to launch the Hiro Mashima anime in the next fall season.

Waiting for Anime premierewhile we enjoy the author's fantastic sketches! Netflix presented the adventure of Shiki and Rebbecca, here is the first opening of EDENS ZERO.

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