After a week of its launch on the Japanese market, the fourth Blu-ray / DVD package of the second season of the animated manga adaptation will be released Hataraku Saibou ((Cells at work !!), accumulated only 731 copies sold.

The pack was released in Japan on May 12th and contains the seventh and eighth episodes of this adaptation as well as a few other benefits. The Blu-ray version costs 5,800 yen (about $ 56) and has sold 444 copies. The DVD version costs 4,800 yen (about $ 46) and has sold 287 copies.

This second season aired in Japan during the winter season 2021 (January-March) and had a total of eight episodes. The series was broadcast parallel to the animated adaptation of the spin-off manga. Hataraku Saibou Blackthat is produced by a different studio but broadcast in succession in the same program block.

Production team

  • Hirofumi ogura ((Kuroshitsuji II, Zero & Peta) took over the direction of the second season in the studios David production.
  • Yuuko Kakihara was responsible for writing and monitoring the series scripts.
  • Takahiko Yoshida took care of the character designs.
  • Kenichiro Suehiro Y. MAYUKO You were responsible for composing the soundtrack.
  • The cast performed the opening song entitled β€œGo! Walk! Saibou Festa! β€œWhile the musical duo ClariS played the final song entitled "Fight !!".

Synopsis of Hataraku Saibou

This is a story about you. It is actually a story that unfolds within you. According to a new study, the human body is made up of around 37 trillion cells. These cells have to work hard every day in a world that is actually your own body. Meet these forgotten heroes and the drama that unfolds within you, from red blood cells that carry oxygen to bacteria that fight white blood cells! This is the strangest and most interesting story about cell life!

Β© ζΈ…ζ°΄ 茜 / 講 談 η€Ύ ・ ・ ニ γƒ— γƒ— レ ッ γ‚― produ David production


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