In the title of the fifth compilation volume of the manga, written and illustrated by Kimitake Yoshioka, temperamentThe manga has been reported to have exceeded 800,000 accumulated circulating copies. This volume will be released in Japan on May 21st and a special edition will include a booklet with erotic illustrations.

Yoshioka started publishing the manga through the app Comic days from the publisher Kodansha The publisher released the fourth compiled volume in November 2020 and will release the fifth on May 21 in Japan.

Yoshioka is perhaps best known as the manga illustrator. Grand Blue, written by Kenji Inoue. This manga is published in the magazine Well! afternoon from the publisher Kodansha since April 2014 and inspired a twelve-episode anime adaptation produced by the studios Zero-Gunder the guidance and scripts of Shinji Takamatsu, released in July 2018. So far there is no evidence of a second season.

Temple synopsis

That's right, I'm going to be a monk! Akagami Akemitsu does not know what to do with his worldly desires and strives to lead a stoic life by devoting himself to the monastic profession and thus freeing himself from his perversion. However, the thick karmic blood that flows in him will not allow it so easily!

Fountain: Manga Mogura

© 吉岡 公 威 (著) / KODANSHA 講 談 社


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