Batman: is Nightwing the new ally of the Joker family?

The events of the Joker War disrupt the entire universe of Batman In fact, as seen in Nightwing 71, Dick Grayson could have been included in the Joker family, and as shown in the following volume, Joker attacked the hero and then used the same crystal with which the Owl's court had changed his mind.

According to what Dick said, becoming Ric Grayson, he would have defeated the Joker and destroyed the crystal. However, it is Bea, his partner, who realizes that something is actually wrong with his behavior. Batgirlor Barbara Gordon, put on the costume and went looking for Nightwing. After being found on a roof in his new blue and red suit, The two are surprised by an ambush, from the new Joker ally Punchline.

On the last pages of the volume, Dick intervenes in the conflict between Batgirl and Punchline, but reveals what everyone feared. Indeed Dick was a victim of the crystal and now believes that he is Joker's son. To make matters worse, the crime prince's clown enters the scene, and Dick claims to have had the honor of killing Batgirl himself. You will find part of the last page at the end of the news.

Even if Barbara manages to survive this attack, it isumpteenth negative change to Dick Grayson's character Considering the events of the Renaissance, when he lost his memory due to KGBeast and within a few years his "new" alter ego Ric was born.

Remember that Batman's Volume 101 will end the Joker War, with a memorable clash between Dark Knight and Joker, and we'll leave you to our guide to the new Panini Comics DC universe.

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