There are several souls arriving in Italy now, many with subtitles. However, the most famous anime is also arriving in a dubbed version, as has happened for ONE PIECE and Naruto in recent years on Mediaset or in news like Made in Abyss and The Promised Neverland. However a famous anime like Bleach was never voiced.

Italian fans of the Shinigami world have always dreamed of having Bleach dubbed entirely in Italian and so far have not been satisfied. However, one picture has started to excite people. Sui A light orange picture was posted on Dynit's social media with some dark orange stripes on the bottom. With no text or anything else, the image was cryptic to many, but the colors and shadows seem to reference the hair of Bleach's protagonist Ichigo Kurosaki.

What different hypotheses does this ad generate? The opportunities are undoubtedly the focus official subtitle version or a full dubbing of the first Bleach anime. However, behind the announcement could also be the distant opportunity to watch the previously revealed new anime from Bleach, which focuses on the Millennial War saga and has not yet made its debut in Japan.

Of course, the confirmation won't arrive any earlier than a few days and we will therefore have to wait before we find out if the Shinigami really arrives in Italy or if it is another anime, but in the meantime the Fans dream of syncing Bleach's first series also considering the 20 years since the beginning of the manga.

Published by Dynit on Monday February 15, 2021

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