Although there has already been an exchange of blows between the protagonist of ONE PIECE and the mighty empress, the two pirates never had the opportunity to meet as best they could. But now that Big Mom is facing the enemy again, he discovers a shocking truth.

Luffy Rival Charlotte Linlin since completing the Fish Man Island story arc when he openly challenged her and faced her face-to-face during the Whole cake island saga. In this last place, the power of the Lady of the Seas was presented to us by ONE PIECE. Since her strength was on a completely different level than that of the captain of the Straw Hat crew, the latter had to adhere to a plan that would allow him to escape his territory without defeating it.

However, on the last few pages of the manga, the two seem to have come to a showdown. Luffy's alliance and that of led pirates Kaido and Big Mom They face each other in Onigashima and, in particular, Zoro, Law, Kidd, Killer and the protagonist have reached the place where the mighty captains are and engaged them in the fight.

While the attacks of the youth of the worst generations are all directed at the warrior in the form of a dragon, his companion observes the clash, which sometimes intervenes using different techniquesOne of them is to knock numerous lightning bolts down on our heads. However, just after this step, the woman is shocked to discover a feature of Luffy. The boy, indeed will not be scratched in the slightest by the attackHe later revealed to Big Mom that this was due to the nature of her rubber body.

What happened reminds us of the struggle with Ener took place in Skypiea, one of the most beautiful islands of ONE PIECE. What do you think about it? Let us know with a comment.

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