In the wide universe of ONE PIECE There are several fundamental elements, not only to better define some aspects of the narrative that have not yet been revealed, but also for the continuation of the Mugiwara adventure. Among them are the Poignee handles, honored with special collector's reproductions by the artists at Niejuan Studio.

These gigantic cubes made of an unknown and indestructible material are extremely important for recreate some of the darkest moments of the world's past, and to reach the famous Laugh Tale. Born in the land of Wa hundreds of years before the narrative, the Poignee Griffe may also contain details of the three ancestral weapons, as well as the four Road Poignee Griffe, distinguished by a red color compared to the blue of the most common, are precisely used to determine the location of the island where Gol D. Roger left the ONE PIECE.

The central importance of such artefacts therefore seems obvious, and for this reason Niejuan Studio decided to create reproductions of the 15 centimeter high Poignee Griffe. As you can see in the post at the bottom of the page, it is three models with different colors, blue, red and goldand will be available from the first quarter of 2023 at a price of 50 Euros by product. Finally, we leave you the details of all the poignee grips found.

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