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Chapter 11: Sin and Uncleanliness

The reunion between two friends in need. The girl walking away from the group but the lynx uses his words to tie her up, but she doesn't fall in love with his lies because with a simple question she breaks down everything she said. In the cold and raw ice, faces are diffuse and bodies blurry, making it difficult for two people to meet, no matter how close they are. Kiroranke encounters Tanigaki and a fight breaks out, with the two remaining wounded. Koito and Tsukishima pursue the enemy but are trapped and only Koito is left, who faces a unique battle against Kiroranke. Sugimoto meets Ogata, but a serious mistake occurs: Asirpa fires his arrow in fright and fatally injures Ogata. Likewise, the most anticipated reunion takes place, which ends up wet.

Chapter Opinion

I feel like they corrected some of the mistakes from the last chapter, such as the action which was more dynamic and tense, in addition to including Svetlana (although how did she get there or why did she choose to have other sites ?). It was a good chapter that united all that is Golden Kamuy: Comedy, Drama and Action. The comedy wasn't abused, which is fine; It affected some scenes, yes, but not absurd, but even justified like the scene with Shiraishi's urine. I would say it's part of the Quixotic of this anime. Really very good everything.

The Ainu and the Meko

Ogata seems like one of the best characters to me, with a depth of more than several. He knows what to do and has to try even if he fails, so he tried to lie to Asirpa even though the biggest lie was that of Sugimoto's "last" words. It's a very good dialogue, especially to manipulate people, even though he's not empathic, he knows how to use empathy in his favor and because of this he almost manages to get Asirpa to trust him. Wonderful move that didn't end with a buddy for miscalculating: he didn't know Sugimoto well, which broke up his lie.

Asirpa's affection for Sugimoto is valued as he made no effort to get to know him, of course he knew him because of the trust he instilled in him. A person can know another better and accidentally better if he wants to.

Unexpected situations

Two unexpected things happened, the rest was predictable. The first was the meeting with Svatlana. Very secondary character who only seems to be there to complete a secondary mission, although as Gansoku he may have something relevant to offer. Maybe it matters when they meet Sofia. It seems strange and suspicious that she, Svatlana, was outside in the open air.

The second unexpected thing was the snow-covered muggers. Is it a good place to rob? Yes, are there a lot of people to rob? No. The greatest achievement of these third parties was to delay the advance of Koito and Tanigaki. There is no other reason as they were quickly liquidated. I don't see much point, but they appeared at the end of the day.

Ogata again

Ogata will always want to prove its point. In my country, and I hope yours too, there is a saying: The thief believes that everyone is in his own condition. It seems to me that Ogata is the kind of person who puts them in the same pocket, but with an argument that strikes me as strong: if someone has a motive to kill, they don't feel guilty.

How many times has humanity killed itself for saying: I have the truth? Tell a person that they are right and want to put the world at their feet. If a person wants to go high or far, they have to trample others. That is why a large number of soldiers have no regrets because they tell them: They have the right to kill, they are the bad guys. In this sentence the human polarity is shown, I am the good one and therefore I shouldn't feel bad. Of course, Ogata's case is different, he achieved insensitivity, although he still has regrets on his mind.

Struggles and mistakes

Of the important fights: Kiroranke versus Tanigaki. They were both injured, but it appears Tanigaki is much more, which seems incredible as the sting on Kiroranke seemed more serious, although a desperately calm man can still be active. The second fight includes Kiroranke again, only now against Koito. This confrontation doesn't end, but it stayed in the middle, but it promises.

Asirpa's fatal mistake was shooting the arrow, although part of the blame lies on Sugimoto for the screaming. It's a natural reaction, I don't blame Asirpa and an arrow fired like this can fall anywhere, to Ogata's wickedness it was in the eye (a sniper without eyes is useless). But Sugimoto also tries to save Ogata and prevent Asirpa from being defiled, which gives way to the most anticipated reunion, is very emotional and funny.

We still have a chapter to go, how will it end? Will Kiroranke Die? What will happen to Sofia and Svetlana? Will you return to Japan? We'll see, now I'll just say: Tsurumi and Hijikata were missing.


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