Toei Animation, the animation studio responsible for adapting Dragon Ball, ONE PIECE and many other successful animes, asked its followers to do so vote for the best Dragon Ball Super fightand offers four different options: Goku versus Hit, Goku versus Jiren, Goku Ultra Instinct versus Jiren at full power and the final battle.

Below you can take a look at the voting results that thousands of fans of the series are participating in. The final round of the clash between Goku and Jiren won with 44.6% of the vote, while the final match between Goku, Freeza and # 17 and Jiren himself won the silver medal with 35.2% of the total vote. Little love for the epic face-to-face between Goku and Hit, out of the top 3 with less than 450 votes.

Of course the fans didn't stop Posting in the comments other battles that deserve a spot in the top 4. Among the many, Goku vs Kefla has received the most quotes from fans, but there is no shortage of supporters of either the Vegetto-Zamasu clash or the Goku-Freeza clash.

Of course we want to get to know yours. What was your fight in Dragon Ball Super? Let us know in the comments! In the meantime, we would like to remind you that a new Dragon Ball event is planned for March 7th and that new rumors about Dragon Ball Super 2 have surfaced recently.

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