Dragon Quest: Give the great adventure, the cowardice gesture of one of the protagonists

In the sixth episode of the new cartoon series Dragon Quest: Give the Great AdventureWhen Popp and the protagonist lose themselves in a dark forest populated by monsters, the former turns out to be almost useless.

The new episode of Dragon Quest: From The Great Adventure, which recently arrived in free streaming on Crunchyroll, will be shown under the title "Crocodyne, the King of the Beasts" the uselessness of one of the allies the main protagonist.

After Dai and Popp finally embark from Dermline Island in hopes of meeting King Romos, they arrive in a thick forest. In this place they save a young girl from two monsters who are chasing her, but when she asks to be returned to her home village, the two protagonistsI know they are lost. In the confusion, a third monster appears behind Dai and Popp; Before the two can reach their weapons, the creature is mysteriously killed.

Maam, a girl who specialized in the use of a weapon with magical bullets, was in charge of rescuing the trio of missing people. The new entry shows the group that they are in the Dark Forest. a breeding ground for monsters after the return of the Dark Lord. When Dai claims he wants to go to King Romos' palace, Maam offers to show her the next morning.

At this point Popp reveals his selfishness and uselessness. Although he has no idea where to go, Popp insists on moving on Walking even during the nightto arrive at the palace early. After a long discussion with Maam, the boy finally urges Dai to venture into the forest.

The two go in the dark of night stand in front of Crocodyne, the King of Beasts, one of Hadlar's commanders. With a single blow, the evil creature shows its brutality by knocking down a huge cliff. Due to Popp's selfishness, the two young adventurers are now in great danger. But with a gesture of absurd cowardice, Popp runs away, leaving only Dai behind.

Fortunately, Maam joins the clash fires one of his magical shots on the protagonist. After Dai is hit, he is surrounded by a blue aura. What will happen in the next episodes of Dragon Quest: From The Great Adventure? In the meantime, we discover the evolution of the relationship between two protagonists of Dragon Quest: Come on.

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