ONE PIECE: Nami on the beach in this cosplay from Japanese Rurusama

Nami is one of the icons of ONE PIECE. Thanks to her crowded body and beauty, she has recently been the testimony to an important campaign along with the other protagonists. Thanks to Placole, we saw Nami in a wedding dress. In the series, she was dressed in Thriller Bark only once.

But most of the time after the time jump we saw that she was only wearing the normally green bikini top, although there were variations of other colors and low jeans too. Then there is the Clima Tact which, if upgraded, is the most powerful weapon alongside intelligence. Nami's most famous costume is therefore the one immediately after the Jump in time from ONE PIECEto the Sabaody Archipelago.

And exactly that The costume comes from the Japanese cosplayer Rurusama. In her photo, which you can see below and which has almost 10,000 likes, we see a Nami on the beach with her green and white swimsuit, blue jeans with a belt and the blue Clima Tact right in her right hand. Obviously there is no shortage of long orange hair and a few other accessories like bracelets and the log pose on the left wrist. It should be noted, however, that the blue tattoo on the arm is missing, a detail that does not affect that Good overall result of this Nami cosplay.

If you want to see her in much sexier outfits, there is the gorgeous Nami by Daria Flora.

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A contribution from RURUSAMA⁹ @ ア シ ル (@ rurusama9)

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