X-Men: X of Swords, the shocking marriage between two protagonists

The new version of X-Men: X the swords spawned a completely unexpected event: the marriage of one of Krakoa's defenders and one of Arakko's warriors. Let's discover the events of the Marvel crossover.

The new Marvel crossover X-Men: X of Swords was presented by the American house as an epic event that would have undermined the lives of the protagonists in any of its 22 volumes. However, when the foundation stone for the war between the mutated island of Krakoa and its sister island Arakko was laid in the early releases to further reveal how the ten mutated champions collected their swords, the new volume gave the series a surprising twist.

If we saw a character from X of Swords come to a bizarre ending in the first round of the tournament, it was Cypher in the second round is forced to marry;; but not with a girl of his choice, his bride will be the warrior of Arakko Bei the Blood Moon. Despite his mutated abilities, Cypher cannot even understand a single uttered by his newlyweds.

According to what was revealed in the comic, Beis has a "Doom Note" in his chest that causes severe cramps when speaking. Arakko's warrior had remained silent for most of her life try to be understood, but his words cannot be translated.

After a bizarre ceremony and a passionate kiss, Cypher and Bei You become husband and wife. But what are the consequences of this unexpected event? While waiting to find out, X-Men: X of Swords appears to be linked to a previous Marvel series. Which?

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