A few days ago the composer Shunsuke Kikuchi, a character who is hugely involved in the world of anime, left us. The scenes of Japanese cartoons, especially those of the 70s and 80s, were often accompanied by his music. Under The most notable anime was Dragon Ball Z..

His music resonates in the mind of every Toei Animation fanatic and will never be forgotten. Among all those produced are those five most beautiful OST from Dragon Ball Z.? There are many iconic ones, both the fastest and most suitable for battle, and the slowest for less excited moments.

The first choice falls on "Unmei no Hi - Tamashii Tai Tamashii", the song that accompanies this Gohan's transformation into a second level Super Saiyan during the Cell Games. This was also accompanied by the voice of Hironobu Kageyama, which creates a completely different effect than the classic OSTs. One of the classic fighting music is "The Fearsome Ginyu Special Force", which, as the title suggests, is dedicated to the performance of Freeza's group of soldiers. We then move on to "Kyokugen Battoru," a much quieter and less excited song that still engages the viewer thanks to its tone and accompanying voices.

The penultimate choice is always one of the most classic, the Burn Up !! A Close, Intense Super-Fierce Battle, perfect for any Dragon Ball Z fight. After all, the final choice is the "Genkidama Theme" that pays homage to Goku's spherical energy often used to finish the game. A song that starts with a single instrument, but from time to time an extra accompaniment is added that envelops the listener's ears more and more until it reaches its final climax after a crescendo.

The music that Shunsuke Kikuchi prepared for the anime is so popular that the Dragon Ball Z Orchestra project is realized.

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