Kentaro Miura is a well-known mangaka, especially for berserkers. Between ups and downs, the work has continued since 1989 with many pauses between one chapter and another. This is a cross and a joy for readers who have got used to a fluctuating pace of publication. But this doesn't just apply to berserkers, as this is also the case Duranki is on a break.

Young Animal Zero magazine, Young Animal's younger sister who has published Berserk for decades, confirmed this to readers Duranki will not be published in issue 6-2021 scheduled for May 8, 2021. The new manga by Kentaro Miura and Studio Gaga had more than an eyebrow raised by the public as Berserk had already been published in an inconsistent manner and in fact only a few chapters by Duranki had been published in the last two years. The sixth and final chapter that has been published so far was actually released in May 2020 and therefore the manga will soon have a year off.

It therefore seems that Kentaro Miura did not publish the genre Gigantomakhia, a manga consisting of a few chapters, and collected it in a single volume and with a fixed and regular edition. Duranki is said to last as long as Berserker? Only in the next few months will we be able to determine whether the publication will continue steadily.

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