ONE PIECE has many characters, some of which were only hinted at by Eiichiro Oda. The further you go, towards the end of the work envisaged by the mangaka, the more important characters that are currently in the shadows will appear. With the landing in Egghead, the island of the future, the protagonists met an important character.

Surprisingly, Luffy and the others ended up on the future island, Egghead, Vegapunk's lair. Is the mysterious character who could explain the nature of devil fruit about to appear then? in the ONE PIECE 1061 seems to have appeared. The genius scientist, thought to be some sort of Albert Einstein, emerged from a giant robot that—apparently, at least—took the Thousand Sunny hostage.

However, the character that came out of this robot is a pretty girl with a very tight suit that has "VEGA-02" written in big letters on the left side. There are currently no official colors except for this one Vegapunk Cosplay from ONE PIECE Try to give a realistic version of this character. The cosplayer in question, one of the first to represent the newly released character, assumed she was all white.

Do you like this vegapunk appearance in the real world? I'm waiting to find out if this is his real body or if something else is brewing.

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