In addition to the very famous anime of Dragon Ball Z, the story of Goku and his companions has also lived non-canonical adventures, told in the many feature films of the series. Before the arrival of the stories of Beerus and Golden Freezer of the last decade, integrated into the canonical universe, we have known enemies like Cooler.

The latter is Freeza's brother and has become popular enough to become the main antagonist of two Dragon Ball Z movies. In the first, the alien invades Earth immediately after Freeza's arc and together with his henchmen he will give life to a clash with Goku and companions. The battle seems to be turning in favor of Cooler, able to transform a fourth time unlike his brother, until Goku uses the transformation into Super Saiyan.

One of the last stages of the clash, when Goku still in a normal state faces Cooler at maximum power, was taken up by Dragon Garow Lee who decided to put it at the center of a drawing. As you can see below, the famous fan who collaborated in the world of Dragon Ball with Vita da Yamcha has created a color drawing where Cooler is temporarily ahead of Goku. How about this fan art?

In the last period, Dragon Garow Lee has also shared other illustrations: the first focuses on the battle between Goku and the great magician Piccolo, the second instead on Goku Super Saiyan 4 of Dragon Ball GT.

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