This year for My Hero Academia marked an important turning point for the anime, with the fourth season marking the beginning of Endeavor's number one career, while the protagonist suffered a shock at his quirk. The manga is also carrying out important developments that could profoundly change history.

But these are not the only media that tell the story of My Hero Academia. Alongside anime and manga in Japan, the theatrical creations of these stories are very famous and appreciated. And of course there are those of My Hero Academia which has a theatrical show scheduled for the next few months.

The next stage play of My Hero Academia will start on July 17th in Tokyo and will continue until the 26th of the same month. In addition to the protagonists already seen in previous performances, the production shared images that present us with three new faces of this show: Dabi, Twice and Himiko Togaall three therefore of the Union of Villains.

At the bottom we can appreciate the costumes of these three characters of My Hero Academia thanks to the tweet of Aitaikimochi. Which of the three do you prefer the most? My Hero Academia The Ultra Stage it was initially supposed to be staged in March, but Coronavirus forced the show to be postponed to the summer months.

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