There is still a long time to run before the ONE PIECE live action episodes. The Coronavirus may even have lengthened these timings, given that so far we do not even know one of the actors who will take part in the project. Meanwhile, fans on the net go wild with photomontages and casting proposals.

We saw The Rock Luffy version, which certainly would not be a suitable protagonist for the live action of ONE PIECE, while a fan proposed an international comedian for one of the roles in the Baroque Works. In the image shared by the ONE PIECE Facebook fanpage at the bottom, an overlapping of faces allowed to see Jim Carrey as Mr.2, one of the leading exponents of the Crocodile organization.

Also known as Bentham and Von Clay, Mr. 2 also became an ally of the Straw Hat pirates, resulting in particular for the first infiltration and then escape of Luffy from Impel Down prison. ONE PIECE's live action will certainly not go so far, and it will also be difficult to see the project arrive at the Rotta Maggiore for a few years, but one day it could happen.

You would see well Jim Carrey as Bentham?

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