Attack of the Giants 4x12 is on VVVVID and in the first few moments of the episode it featured the return of a character not everyone will remember: Hitch Dreyse. The girl, Annie's roommate in the first season of the anime, talks to Armin about the current situation in paradise. and is the protagonist of the new MAPPA sketch.

Hitch Dreyse was first shown in episode 23 of season one, men whom she introduces as a recruit who wants to become a member of the gendarmerie corpsto avoid problems and live a peaceful life. In the first two seasons in episode 54 of the third season he creates a relationship of trust with Marlo Freudenberg, a member of the Research Corps who was killed by the Giant Beast while filming Shiganshina. She was last seen crying for her friend in the season finale after hearing the news from Jean and Floch.

Hitch returns in episode 12, which is now available on VVVVID and Amazon Prime Video teases Armin after finding him in front of Annie Leonheart's crystal. The return of the cadet was celebrated with a beautiful illustration by MAPPA, while you can take a look at the key frame of the episode below. Shoya Ibun's sketch shows an argument between Hitch and Armin, while Mikasa watches from a distance in silence.

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