Dragon Ball Z: Freeza is ready to destroy Planet Vegeta in an epic $ 200 figure

Fattboy is From Ya Studio recently introduced one new action figure for Freeza, the unforgettable antagonist of the Dragon Ball series. The new collector's item shows the villain who destroys planet Vegeta and can be pre-ordered with a purchase basis of around 200 euros.

Of course, the price of the product varies from location to location Anime Collect's reliable online shop, which sells it at a price of € 269. The image below will be delivered with a certificate of authenticity in the first quarter of 2021 and the number of pieces is limited. The product is 54 centimeters high, 32 centimeters wide and 31 centimeters long and can illuminate your room at night thanks to the LEDs inserted into the energy wave.

Freeza is the most prominent antagonist in the Dragon Ball e series one of the most important ever created by a Japanese author. Its design has inspired many other manga villains, including Hunter x Hunter's Meruem, and the character played a hugely important role in the first season of Dragon Ball Super.

What do you think about it? Do you like the collector's item? Let us know with a comment! If you are passionate about these types of products, we recommend you take a look at the wonderful Vegetto action figure that Last Sleep Studio introduced a few days ago.

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