The commodity that revolves around the world Dragon Ball Z, as we all know, it includes items of all kinds. Fans are particularly seduced by the figurines, often made in limited editions. Recently, a $1000+ figure of the time machine discovery in Dragon Ball Z literally drove fans insane.

Another fan instead enjoyed creating a stop-motion video of the character of Krillin from Dragon Ball Z throwing a Kamehameha at Goku's friend. In the speech remained figurines, the studio NCC Collectibles, specialized in the manufacture of resins in limited editions, presented the Cooler new resin.

As we can see in @tweetMundo Kamethe NCC Collectibles illustration shows that Freezer's brother in his perfect form, on a base with LED light. Coola's details, from the muscles to the shrapnel on the armor, are truly impressive and do justice to a sometimes underrated character.

The total price of the Cooler figure is €540and is 61 cm high. Mundo Kame offers on its website the possibility to pre-order the figure with an immediate payment of €150, while the rest can be paid when the resin is released in the fourth quarter of 2022. If you're passionate about the ruthless alien that appears in two Dragon Ball Z movies, then you can buy one beautiful resin from Cooler to decorate your desk or shelves.

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