In Chapter 184 of Jujutsu Kaisen, available on the site and in the Manga Plus application, the short clip dedicated to Kinji Hakari and his clash with the eccentric mangaka Charles Bernard leaves room for the misadventure of another of the protagonists: Panda. Let's see together what happened in the manga's final date.

Before visiting the culling game Yuji's team had defined a plan of action and jumped at the exact moment they went through the portals to enter the game. Being instantly split and teleported to different areas caused a lot of problems for the protagonists, and although Yuji was capable of it Track down Higuruma and get 100 points for free To add a rule, it's now up to Panda to make contact with Kashimo Hajime.

Panda follows the smells and relies on his senses. He can locate Hajime's position and tries to get close to him, trying to look like a simple animal. hajime However, he asks Kogane if he is a player and once he finds out the truth, he attacks. Panda quickly realizes how dangerous his opponent is, especially for his cursed energy, as if it were an electric current.

Panda then uses them Gorilla Mode and the Unblockable Drumming Beat, but ends up losing his right arm, which is quickly cut by Hajime. To the question "Where's Sukuna?" Panda eventually summons his sister and is brutally run over by a Kashimo technique.

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