Before we get to the epic battle that will most likely end the main narrative of My Hero Academy, Kohei Horikoshi wanted to end another situation, a complicated war between brothers that has reached a point of no return. So let's find out what happened in Chapter 352 available now on Manga Plus.

The chapter entitled "Ultimate Moves", begins with a brief flashback showing the Tier 1-A heroes discussing what to do. While talking to his companions, Shoto demonstrates a new technique specifically designed to stop Dabi. As Todoroki himself explains, he did it Level up the Flashfire Fist by exploiting the dual nature of its Quirk Creating stability in his body and creating a kind of cold fire.

The scene then returns to the present where Shoto overpowers his older brother Toya with Icebound Crash Coldflame's Pale Blade. Despite the impressive power of the attack, Dabi continues to unleash his hatred and Shoto, reflecting on his growth and the path he has trodden alongside his precious companions, decides to end the fight by focusing all his abilities on the fight Great Glacial Aegirwith which he manages to stop Dabi's anger and freeze part of the city, as the spectacular final table shows.

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