In this year's 45th issue of the magazine Weekly Shonen Sunday from the publisher Shogakukan it was revealed that Haro Aso The release of a new manga of the franchise will begin Imawa no Kuni no Alice (also known as Alice in the Frontier), entitled Imawa no Kuni no Alice Repeat.

The manga will appear in the next issue of the magazine, which will be published on October 14th in Japan with a first 59-page chapter. Aso mentioned on his Twitter account that he intends to retire from the industry entirely but is making this manga to commemorate the new live-action series from Netflix based on this franchise. He added that it has been five years since the series ended that he forgot how to hold his pen and that he has had trouble getting back to the style he was used to.

Aso began publishing the original manga in the magazine Weekly Shonen Sunday S. from the publisher Shogakukan in November 2010 and ended in March 2016, after a year before the series entered its final arc. The publisher has compiled the work into a total of 18 volumes, and volumes 12, 13 and 14 each contained an OVA.

Synopsis of Imawa no Kuni no Alice

Alice Ryouhei is about to leave high school, but she tries to avoid thinking about her future. One night when he is going out with his rude friend Karubi and his stupid girl-crazy friend Chota, they see fireworks in the distance. After a particularly bright explosion, they discover that they have been transported to another world.

In this "borderland" people are forced to play potentially deadly games or simply die. Will Chota, Karube and Ryouhei survive in this dangerous new world? Is there any way to go back to your original life?

Source: ANN

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