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(C)) 戦 翼 倶 楽 / 909 整 備 補給 隊

Chapter 1: Welcome to Tateyama Base!

Senyoku no Sigrdrifa Chapter 1. In the fight against an enemy of unknown origin, the pillars, mankind faces a desperate one. Without the means to fight back, it just seems to wait for the end to reach them. However, human tenacity convinces a certain "god" who calls himself Odin to grant them the means to fight. With the arrival of the Valkyries, humanity finally begins its counterattack.

After years of conflict, a point of equilibrium has finally been reached. Humanity is not at the same risk, but the war is showing no signs that it will end anytime soon. Even with the power of the Valkyries, losses are inevitable. A certain name is particularly noticeable in the case of losses, one of the nine elites CalledClaudia Bruford. Always the only survivor of any mission assigned to her, she has earned the nickname Shinigami Claudia. Now that the situation in Europe is under control and Ortlinde is being lost, she has it called She was transferred from Japan to take the position of the fallen Valkyrie.

During her journey across the ocean, Claudia has an unexpected encounter with a pillar and three other somewhat strange Valkyries. Despite being skillful, Claudia still decides to face the threat with them. Your participation in combat simplifies things and the threat is removed with no problem. Little did she know that this first meeting would also be her introduction to her companions in the Tateyama base.

Once in place, not much can be said about a formal presentation. With a fairly relaxed commander and the base still on alert due to the pillar, Claudia has the opportunity to explore the base before unpacking. His guide is the energetic and cheerful Miyako, one of the Valkyries he met in the ocean. Similarly, over time, Claudia meets Azuzu and Sonoka, the other two Valkyries who accompanied Miyako during this encounter. The base is an unusual place, not only the Valkyries are a bit strange, the employees also have their own peculiarities. It's not what one would expect from a military base, but rather something that is appropriate for the tropical setting that base offers.

Unfortunately the tour ends earlier than expected as another pillar appears in the ocean. The enemy is the same one they found in the ocean, but their number and limits are different from last time. Since the girls are unable to deal with the situation immediately, they will have to withdraw temporarily to work out a plan. Fortunately, it doesn't take long to come up with a plan like this, thanks in large part to Miyako's naive optimism and Azuzu's agile mind.

(C)) 戦 翼 倶 楽 / 909 整 備 補給 隊

One final problem remains to be resolved, however. Thanks to the past and her reputation, Claudia is afraid of being isolated and alone like she always was. Such doubts, however, are soon dispelled thanks to the gruff but well-intentioned words of Azuzu and the peculiar base staff. At least a nickname here like "Shinigami" It will not be enough that Claudia is abandoned by her new companions. That was all she needed to hear to allay her fears and lead her new companions against this enemy.

The idea is simple: take out the hidden pillar under the water with explosives. Such a direct but effective idea is the starting signal for the first battle. Even in the face of overwhelming numbers, the Valkyries continue to put pressure on the enemy and eventually the opportunity arises to finish them off. If he launches his entire arsenal in a single attack, the core of the pillar will finally be exposed. At the moment the coup de grace is carried out, however, a thick fog rises and catches the girls except Claudia. Afraid of the idea of ​​being alone again, Claudia asks her companions to answer their calls. Fortunately, this time she will not return alone as all of her companions are safe and ready to return to the Tateyama Base together.

Protective wings of humanity

Originally, Sigururi (I love this acronym) wasn't part of my list of series to watch that season. I usually don't check animes before watching them to get a first impression that is episode based only and has no influence from outside elements. This was one of the series I came across during my first anime marathon. Check out everything that has been released so far in a single day and I didn't think I'd find this little gem.

The premise didn't catch my attention in the beginning, I felt like it was something I'd heard before, and I didn't get too excited. It didn't take long, however, for this series to fully grasp me. This is thanks to two elements that edit the episode: Aviation and the characters of the Tateyama base.

In general, I'm a fan of classic air battles. The chases and maneuvers to confuse the enemy are a spectacle I want to see more often. I also enjoy the different variations that anime shows us. Slightly over the top that chooses to take the show up a lot and break the rules a bit by adding elements that break with the traditional.

It's just so much fun and exciting. Extra points to show the beauty of the most modern machines without adding any mystical elements and to do the opposite with the classics. I don't know if this is going to bother anyone, but I love watching the different machines fly through the sky together, plus the wonderful additional firepower.

There's also the cast of the series that has really impressed me so far. It really is a very fun group to have here. Not much can be said about the minor characters as they don't get a lot of screen time and most are limited to appearances in connection with those belonging to their workspace. Even so, that didn't stop me from smiling every time I heard them on stage, be it because of the ridiculousness that came out of their mouths or simply because of the pleasant interaction they have with the main cast.

(C)) 戦 翼 倶 楽 / 909 整 備 補給 隊

Speaking of protagonists, they are a fun group too. With an energetic and kind personality, Miyako spreads joy to everyone around her. Azuzu is not only an arrogant but adorable tsundere, but also has very good dynamics with Miyako. Sonoka is more shy and controlled than her peers, to the point where it seems she has to act as the voice of reason at times. This trio of characters has good potential in my eyes, but in this episode, it's Claudia who needs to be focused on.

Warriors shaped by loneliness

As one of the elites, Claudia's strength is evident from the moment she steps on the scene. More importantly, their regrets are evident from the start. Publicly recognized for her exploits, the greater regret that always leads her to be the only survivor of any mission she takes part in.

This narrative creates a great internal and external conflict for Claudia. On the one hand, we have the loneliness and potential guilt that comes when we return from each mission alone due to the loss of their companions. On the other hand, there is the social stigma, the nickname Shinigami carries great weight and influence on it. It creates fear and perhaps even contempt among those who know of its reputation.

However, only one of these two situations is properly exposed. We can only see the pain and doubts Claudia has inside, but we can never watch others fear or avoid her thanks to her nickname. At the Tateyama base, given the story, it is to be expected, but even earlier only its internal conflict is observed. Any interaction he has prior to arriving in Japan mentions this stigma but does not reinforce it visually, resulting in the eventual reaction of his colleagues not reaching the maximum potential that he could have had.

What I want to make clear is that I'm also happy with the way Claudia was exposed during the episode. The world certainly didn't seem to fear him, but it certainly feared his actions. Even without knowing the reason why she was always the only survivor, the effect this has is evident during the episode whenever something similar is mentioned.

Every detail shown in interacting with the environmental people at the time of the start and end of a mission prior to reaching the climax shows their status and experience as an elite marked by unhappiness. She is used to people avoiding her and does not expect anyone to approach her or treat her kindly. This is why the expressions it shows when it doesn't are so valuable.

In this first episode a great job has been done to develop Claudia's fears and to express them at the appropriate times without her duty as called. Likewise, this path leads to the conclusion that she eventually returns from a mission in the company of her companions, making this episode a more satisfying experience.

Final opinion

Little did I know at first that this was a 45 minute first episode. I really enjoyed every minute of the first episode of Sigururi. There's no good reason for it, it just happens that I'm excited about this show in a similar way to how it does Girls and tanks it does. Military elements and cute girls always go hand in hand, and I don't plan on hearing anyone say otherwise.

I think now would be a good time to mention that ...Kajita Mafia gives a voice to one of the characters in the series! If you know this name you will understand why it is so excited. Ok seriously, just wanted to bring this up quickly. Who is sure to make a difference is Tappei Nagatsuki, the creator of Re: zero. Yes, this original anime is his work.

(C)) 戦 翼 倶 楽 / 909 整 備 補給 隊

Personally, this doesn't change much in my perspective. I like Re: zero and I think it's a wonderful job, but that doesn't mean the same thing happened to Sigururi. Given the type of work I've done before, the series could take a completely different path than what you'd expect from the seemingly predictable premise. Or it could be that you are trying to expand your horizons by trying something a little more relaxed. Just enjoy this opportunity and let yourself go.

So far this series has the kind of entertainment I enjoy, so I could accept it to go on like this, but I'll be careful in case there are any surprises. In the meantime, it's just better to enjoy the show presented in the first episode as I assure you it was incredibly exciting.

Animation A-1 was, as expected, lively, showing its characters with exaggerated and flowing expressions. As with other effects like explosions, even if you occasionally switched to CGI for certain scenes, you could really feel the effects. But when the sound is so strong that you can feel the chills after firing each projectile, there are really some details that you really can't complain about.

In general, I am addicted to these emotions, but I still have a desire to see more. I just hope that such a wish doesn't become a curse. I like what we have now, so it's as exciting as it is terrifying to think about what Tappei might have in store.


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