Less than a month before its premiere in Japanese cinemas Dragon Ball Super: Superhero, TOEI Animation has revealed an intimate secret of Piccolo. In a V-Jump promotional page, also taken from the franchise's official website, we can see the object that the Namekian could never part with.

Piccolo is not used to socializing and has always kept quite a distance from Z's other warriors. In fact, in the promotional material for the anime film coming out in June, we saw his small house isolated in nature. However, when it comes to Gohan, the Namek shows his softer side.

A recent update from the Dragon Ball official website reports that Piccolo owns one Plush of a character named Penko, a mascot who looks like a cross between a cat and a penguin, gifted to him by Gohan and the other members of the Son family. The Namek seems to be like that related to this giftmaybe the first and only one of his life to buy a smartphone case similar to Penko's.

The bond between Gohan and the Namek will propel the latter forward beyond its limits. When Pan is kidnapped by Red Ribbon, she transforms into Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Piccolo with maximum power. On the same Shonen Jump promotional page, we also discover that Pan will play a central role in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero.

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