It started with the Dragon Ball Super Anime, closely followed by the manga drawn by Toyotaro and published on V-Jump. With the conclusion of the animated series in 2018, the manga presented an unpublished narrative arc that was jointly prepared by Toriyama and Toyotaro and lasted from 2018 to 2020: the saga of the prisoner of the galactic patrol.

The conclusion of the saga of Molo, the main antagonist, then led to the beginning of the saga of the survivor of the planet Grain. However, there was no animated adaptation of the first saga on the horizon, but a new Dragon Ball Super film for 2022. However, the feature film will not be suitable for transposing the battle between Goku and Molo.

There The Galactic Patrol Prisoner saga is very long at first. In fact, it's six volumes, which is enough for 12 episodes of an anime of 20 minutes per episode. So it would be about 240 minutes of content or three hours, too high a minute for a film to be sent to the cinema. Even with a major reduction in content, the product would be well over two hours.

In addition, at the level of texture and organicity, the Dragon Ball Supers Prisoner of the Galactic Patrol saga has way too many characters, many battles and many places where events are held. The opposite of what should be presented in a possible feature film, which instead should have few characters and locations for the battle scenes to take place. So it will be Need the return of the Dragon Ball Super anime to see Molo in action and his henchmen.

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