The release of the new episodes of Pokémon: Explorations is currently paused due to the coronavirus, and this has led fans to make a thousand different conjectures about who will meet our Ash and which Pokémon he will add to his arsenal together with his travel companion Go. Let’s see what challenge the young champion awaits.

Although the series currently has no return date, the publicity of the new episodes was not long in coming and images of a clash between two heavyweights from the Pokémon world are leaked online. It would seem that in episode 25 we will witness the return of Ornella, the gym leader of Yantaropoli, who seems ready to a rematch with his faithful Lucario. To face the mega-evolution of Lucario this time will be the Dragonite of Ash, in a clash that promises to be memorable.

With the addition Dragonite his team made Ash’s team one of the strongest of the young Biancavilla champion, but so far the Dragon Pokémon has not had many opportunities to shine. Outside of a Raid Battle against Golurk, we have yet to discover its true power and if it is true that it will be the protagonist of the next battle we could finally have a solo of the pseudo-legendary Pokémon and why not, maybe see the whole team made up of Dragonite, Mr. Mime, Gengar and Riolu at work.

What do you think of the new Pokémon series: Explorations, does it seem to you that the new Ash is actually stronger than the one seen previously?

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