It has been a chapter since Miura nears the end of Berserk. The story seems to have very little to say, and the final fight between Gatsu and Griffith could be upon us, at least as far as the main plot goes. However, as we know, the problem is the pace of release.

When manga fans get the chance to see this one day Finale from BerserkIt is not said that this will happen for viewers of the anime as well. Lots of people want a berserk restart that will likely not happen until after the manga ends. If you don't want to wait, a fan of the opera posted a video on the dedicated SubReddit showing what they think will happen in the finale.

The comic video that you can watch in the post below focuses on a Gatsu grabbed Griffith's hair and hurled him at various objects. There is a stone wall, a bone wall, the armor of the skull knight and finally the mighty dragon slayer. According to the fan, Gatsu will kill Griffith this way, with a brutal and bloody victory, as always happened in the manga.

How do you imagine the end of the work? Another fan showed us the beginning of Berserk's last showdown in a stunning illustration.

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