With a total of 700 chapters Naruto was a battle full of confrontations between different characters. With the combat system developed by Kishimoto, these fights were very often rich in elements and intense, and made fun of Naruto's various storylines.

But what are they ten best fights as Naruto? Here are our top 10 who are aware that really big fights are skipped.

We start in tenth place with the Fight between Neji and Kidomaru in the saga of the Sound Quintet. The Hyuga decided to block the spider enemy that was best suited to this, and a clash ensued that held Neji's character in high regard, especially after the events of the Chunin Trial. Between skill and strength, the two fought to the last.

Ninth position instead of for the final fight of the manga between Naruto and Sasuke. The two, now grown up and possessing extraordinary powers, wage battle on multiple levels, from energy beams to simple battles that end with their trademarks. The fight improves over time and is a pile of emotions.

in the again eighth position Uchiha in the clash with Deidara. The Akatsuki bomber contributes to a very strategic confrontation thanks to its clay manipulation skills, but Sasuke manages to beat it on several fronts. It follows in seventh place Naruto VS Neji, the warmest clash of the final stage of the Chunin Trial. Two opposing paths of the ninja, with a Naruto who wanted to avenge Hinata and a Neji who wanted to avenge his chief. For the first time, Naruto was cheered on by the crowd and marked his first real appreciation by the Konoha audience.

We close the first part of the top 5 with a clash between Sharingan. Sasuke VS ItachiThe battle between brothers that took place in an abandoned Uchiha castle was full of movements and counter-movements and ended with Itachi's moving death. And in fifth place goes the manga's first arduous battle, Die, die He saw Team 7 of the sheet against Zabuza and Haku on the big bridge under construction in the land of waves. Kakashi unleashed his true abilities and it gave the first impression of the power of the nine-tailed fox.

In fourth place we come in Jiraiya against pain, the last appearance of the sage of the toads, who gave a taste of the Hermitian mode. The leader of the Akatsuki with his secrets was too strong for Jiraiya, who eventually died heroically, but not before sending the information he received to the village. Bronze medal for the return of the leader of the criminal organization: Naruto VS Pain is one of the heartiest battles in the manga and shows all of Naruto's maturation and his return as a hero.

in the The second position is Rock Lee VS Gaara, one of the most popular battles in the manga. The two were among the strongest ninjas to climb for a position in the past eight, and Rock Lee's efforts in particular are unmatched to this day. We made a decision on the top step of the podium Naruto VS Sasuke in Epilog Valleyat their first battle there. A clash full of emotions, counterattacks and events that drove both boys to new places and completed the first part of Naruto worthily.

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