From the last chapter of Dragon Ball Super We could see again how much the power of the leader of the angels is superior to that of any other character that Goku and his friends have met so far. Let's go into more detail.

Between the pages of the Number 67 From the manga drawn by Toyotaro, we learned how the high priest killed Merus before bringing him back to life by depriving him of his former state as an angel. This event reminded fans of the character's superiority over many others and returned to wonder what power he is compared to.

There is currently no sure answer, but thanks to some reactions from Beerus and his knowledge, we know the advisor certainly is stronger than the god of destruction but also of all angels. In fact, the same divinity of Universe 7 admits that the alien is the strongest warrior in the multiverse and the only ones who can take on the high priest could be the two Zenobut to whom is the former the mentor.

Among the skills of the leader of the angels, the least surprising is the resurrection of the dead in a saga like Dragon Ball. What is surprising is the simplicity with which the powerful character manages it Stop Beerus with a finger without the help of magical abilities. Also it seems that it is immortal and that by that Divination can learn what is happening everywhere in the universe.

Unfortunately, there haven't been many opportunities to see the city council in action and we just have to keep reading the manga in theWaiting for more functions. Finally, I remember that at the beginning of the new narrative arc we asked ourselves numerous questions, such as the possibility of an army of Molo arriving in Dragon Ball Super and the possible presence of elements related to the Cell saga in the new part of Dragon Ball Super are together.

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