The first part of Season 6 of My Hero Academia completed the last piece of the Todoroki family puzzle. Missing Elder Toya Todoroki has made a sensational comeback. Shoto and his older brother are two flames fueled by the same hatred for their father.

Hero society was rocked by the Dabi Dance in My Hero Academia 6x11. On live television, the villain responsible for numerous murders has revealed that he is Son believed to have died of Endeavor. The number one hero is indirectly responsible for the actions of his son Toya.

That Dabi's actions are driven by hate and resentment against his father, the one who should crown the dream of overcoming All Might, ruined the Todoroki family and his children's existence. In fact, not only Toya suffered the horrors committed by Enji Todoroki, but also the smallest Shoto.

Shoto was considered the perfect creature by Endeavor, who would make his biggest dream come true. However, due to this distorted view, he denied Shoto a normal childhood and cut him off from the rest of the world

Shoto and Toya are driven by the same hatred of Endeavour, but unlike his older brother, the younger was rescued by Midroiya and his classmates, who surrounded him with affection at Yuei High School. My Hero Academia 6 returns this Sunday with the fourteenth episode of the anime.

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