While waiting for the new Dragon Ball Super story arc, there's one to admire very special Fan art straight from Taipei.

It was created by an artist known on Twitter like Justin96636 who specializes in rendering manga characters in traditional Japanese style. Indeed, in the Land of the Rising Sun, there was one a long time ago new art called Ukiyo-e. It was a time of calm and peace coupled with a thriving environment for the art world. New classes of merchants and artisans were born, who began to write readings and to illustrate them with the evocative ukiyo-e. They originally drew inspiration for these books from Chinese works and stories that focused on traditions and culture.

The tweet present at the bottom of the news posts a similar ukiyo-e linked to the Dragon Ball Super franchise, located at the center of the drawing Beerus, the god of destruction. The latter is a humanoid cat with a slender build, purple skin, yellow eyes and important pointed ears, similar to the Sphynx cat breed. The Taipei artist was incredibly able to characterize the work as if it were a historical artifact from the early 1600's. The anatomy, the pose, the background, the hue: all help the viewer to travel in time and themselves Introducing Beerus as the protagonist of a Kabuki poster

By the way, did you know that the official Demon Slayer Kabuki will debut in Tokyo in 2024? What do you think about it new Dragon Ball Super fan art?

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