Team 7's strange coexistence and mission began in Chapter 74 of Boruto revealed important information about Eida and Daemon and, thanks to Amado's explanations, details about the origin of their peculiar powers. Author Kishimoto decided to disrupt the story by introducing readers to a new set of techniques.

That Printed by Shikamaru have led to interesting and at the same time fundamental results to learn more about the new guests of the Villaggio della Foglia. Starting from the story of the life of Shibai Otsutsukia character who has managed to rise to a divine being thanks to the continuous reincarnations through karma and having consumed many chakra fruits, Amado explains that the abilities that Eida and his brother use are his and are called shinjutsu.

So it's about divine abilities in every respect, far more powerful than ninjutsu or the arts we know of throughout the series, many of which seem born with intent to emulate ninjutsu. A series of unexpected revelations that could fundamentally change the story of Boruto and his companions. What do you think of this new type of jutsu? Tell us in the comments.

Finally, in chapter 75 of Boruto we also leave you a detail about Amado's past.

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