The last act of My hero academy is built around the war between heroes and villains, a perfect theater to give space to characters that need further study. Among them is the Nomu Kurogiri, who has a very special past, and Kohei Horikoshi has decided to dedicate space to him in the narration and a great cover artwork.

In the last few chapters, the villains have tried every possible way to break free Kurogiri to bring him to the battlefield, since thanks to his powers he could have a huge strategic advantage and surprise the heroes. Spinner in particular tried to approach Kurogiri and ask him to help Shigaraki, but the villain did also reached by Present Mic.

The Pro Hero tries to talk to his old friend Oboro Shirakumo, whose body, after being killed in battle, was transformed into the Nomu Kurogiri by order of All For One. In anticipation of the central importance the figure will have in the upcoming dates, Kohei Horikoshi designed the magnificent figure Cover picture of chapter 373 which you can see in the post below.

The image clearly shows Shirakumo's face transforming into the mass of black and purple smoke that is characteristic of the Nomu form. Finally we leave you with the predictions of chapter 374 of My Hero Academia and with the hypotheses related to the possible conclusion of the manga.

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