In his most famous work The seven deadly sinsThe mangaka Nakaba Suzuki has managed to create memorable and well-characterized characters, especially as far as the seven protagonists are concerned. The last to appear and join the group is the representative of pride, but accurate When will Escanor be released? let's find out

there History of Escanor's Apparitions varies depending on the medium being viewed. In fact, the character first appears in a special story that will later be published in Official Fanbook 2. These are the three stories that emerge together The Vampires of Edinburgh, takes place twelve years before the narration in the regular series. In this story, the Seven Deadly Sins are tasked with destroying Edinburgh and killing its residents, who have become vampires.

And precisely during the Battle of Edinburgh Castle, Escanor enters, the lion of pride, who manages to kill Izraf, the leader of the vampires. Let's instead turn to the events of the regular series, Escanor officially makes its first appearance in the final table of Chapter 147titled "The hunt for death' in his nocturnal form, greeting the protagonists in his tavern.

However, in the anime, there is a moment before meeting the protagonists in the Scene after the end of episode 2x12"The hiding place of love". In the sequence, Escanor appears in his tavern, and Rhitta is also framed, the divine ax given to him by King Bartra. Do you remember these details about Escanor's appearances in the series? Let us know in the comments.

Finally, we leave you with an incredible cosplay of Escanor and an analysis of his beloved Merlin, the most powerful sorceress in Britain.

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