The Molo saga ended after two years of publication. The enemy was a tough nut to crack, but in the end, thanks to Uub's unexpected help, Goku managed to stop the enemy manias. Now me Dragon Ball Super protagonists can celebrate for the win.

As the first Dragon Ball Super 67 spoilers confirm, the chapter will serve as the finale to the Molo saga, but it will also force readers to step into the manga's next unpublished story right away. They come again unpublished and never-seen characters, among which Granolla stands outwhat will be one of the most important faces of the next period.

A lot of space was devoted to the Dragon Ball Super Manga during Jump Festa 2021. Some information has been shared, such as the character's official silhouette along with its color version. As you can see in the tweet below, Granolla is an individual with a complexion similar to that of the earth while she has curly hair with a color between blue and green. This color is predominant in his figure, as can also be seen from the eye and the uniform, the latter alternating with an olive green.

On his right eye he wears a kind of headscarf with a blue lens monocle. Only later will we find out what the real goals of it are new Dragon Ball Super character.

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