True, it helped thwart a terrorist attack that would have led to the outbreak of war between the countries of the East and the West second course of Spy x Family Anya has yet to earn a star, a useful distinction for becoming an Eden Academy Imperial Scholer.

The Spy x Family 1x17 class test was a positive surprise, but Anya is a disaster in the studio, as well as clumsy in physical activity. Getting stars through school subjects is therefore highly unlikely, and Loid admits his efforts are entirely in vain. In fact, despite her insistence, she somehow fails to stimulate her daughter's learning.

Desperate and looking for help, he finds a solution thanks to his wife. Yor recalls that her younger brother was sort of a study genius and that maybe he could help Anya achieve more satisfying results. So, albeit reluctantly, Uncle Yuri will tutor Anya to comply with his sister's request in Spy x Family 1x18. Yuri Briar returns in Spy x Family after serving as the culinary guinea pig in Episode 16. Will Loid's rival secret policeman make a good teacher? The sixth part of the second cour of the Spy x Family anime will debut on November 5 in simulcast streaming on Crunchyroll.

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