Shigaraki has awakened and turned into a natural disaster capable of ravaging and devastating anything it touches. As if that wasn't enough, his second birth has restarted the Gigantomachy, ready to obey his master's commands. The heroes face humiliation Defeat in My Hero Academia 6x06?

The fifth episode of My Hero Academia Season 6 has reshuffled the cards on the table. The team led by Endeavor had managed to stop the high-end Nomu and Dr. Capture Garaki and destroy the containment tank that Tomura Shigaraki was in. However, the villain's terrible power also exploded, giving rise to his own terrible second birth.

Now with deadly abilities, Shigaraki's Quirk Decay stretched hundreds of kilometers, causing chaos and death. Aware of the need to stop him, Endeavor takes care of him throughout My Hero Academia 6x06. That Number One will engage in deadly combat against the young villain.

At the same time, the heroes attacked the residence on Mount Gunga immediately the revenge of the villains of the front. Will Edgeshot's team be able to respond to the enemy's counterattack? In the episode titled "Encounter 2" we will discover Shigaraki's true goal.

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