On MangaPlus, a new course of publications related to the series of Naruto with the release of two works derived from light novels. After Sasuke and Sakura's feat, it's now the turn of Kakashi Hatake, Konoha's sixth Hokage, and his old friend Gai Maito, who was badly injured after fighting Madara Uchiha.

A new character was introduced in the first chapter of the Naruto series: The New Generation of the Leaf - Ninja at the spa: Mirai Sarutobi, daughter of Asuma and Kurenai and granddaughter of the Third Hokage. Introduced as a promising chunin from Konoha, Mirai must contend with a long-sought ninja who is causing a lot of trouble for the village. Fortunately, the girl manages to take enough time to get there Shikamaru and the Hokage personally, getting rid of the killer forever.

Given the skills shown on the field and Kakashi's willingness to escape Konoha for a while, Mirai will join Hokage and Gai Maito's journey. Kakashi's intention is actually to achieve it the steam baths what might be beneficial or curative to his friend's condition. Tell us what you think about the manga adaptation of the new adventure of Kakashi and Gai in the comments.

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